SY365H Large Excavator

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The SANY SY365H is extremely powerful and offers outstanding driver comfort. Together with its high level of user-friendliness, this machine guarantees exceptional cost efficiency
Bucket Capacity: 1.6 m³

Engine Power: 212 kW

Operating Weight: 36 T

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SY365H (7)

SY365H Large Excavator
Super adaptation

More than 20 kinds of optional working devices, good protection of the engine with multi-stage reinforced fuel filter system.

Longer lifetime
The longest designed lifetime can reach 25000 hours, 30% longer lifetime compared with previous models.

Low maitenance cost
Much more convenient maintenance operation, durable oil and filters to reach longer maintenance period and 50% less expense.

High Efficiency
Adopt optimized engine, pump and valve matching technology to improve energy transfer efficiency; Lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency.

SY365H Large Excavator
High productivity:

Large excavators are designed to handle big jobs efficiently. They typically have powerful engines, high digging forces, and large bucket capacities, allowing for increased productivity and faster completion of tasks.

Extended reach:
Large excavators often have long digging reach capabilities, enabling them to access deep or hard-to-reach areas.

Enhanced lifting capacity:
Large excavators are known for their ability to lift heavy loads. This can be beneficial in applications like material handling, demolition, or when working with large objects.

Greater stability:
The size and weight of large excavators contribute to their stability. This gives them the ability to perform heavy-duty tasks and work on uneven or challenging terrains with better stability and control.

Advanced technology and features:
Large excavators often incorporate advanced technologies and features, such as GPS guidance systems, remote monitoring, telematics, and automation.

Durability and reliability:
Large excavators are designed to withstand heavy-duty applications and demanding environments. They are built with robust components and materials, which contribute to their durability and long-lasting performance.



Arm Digging Force 180 KN
Bucket Capacity 1.6 m³
Bucket Digging Force 235 KN
Carrier Wheel on Each Side 2
Engine Displacement 7.79 L
Engine Model Isuzu 6HK1
Engine Power 212 kW
Fuel Tank 646 L
Hydraulic Tank 380 L
Operating Weight 36 T
Radiator 12.3 L
Standard Boom 6.5 m
Standard Stick 2.9 m
Thrust Wheel on Each Side 9

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