China’s Top Ten Scientific And Technological Advances In Intelligent Manufacturing

Zoomlion was selected as one of China’s top ten scientific and technological advances in intelligent manufacturing. Cranes helped build my country’s fifth Antarctic scientific research station.

1. Digital intelligence empowers agricultural production 

Zoomlion was selected into the top ten scientific and technological developments in China’s intelligent manufacturing in 2023! 

Recently, the 2023 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference opened in Nanjing, Jiangsu. At the conference, Zoomlion’s “Full-process Digital Management of Rice Production and Intelligent Equipment Industrialization” was selected as one of the “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress in China’s Intelligent Manufacturing in 2023″. In recent years, Zoomlion has actively expanded its “smart agriculture + smart agricultural machinery” two-wheel drive strategy, relying on intelligent equipment and scientific decision-making to develop a digital agricultural production model that completely covers “cultivation, planting, management, harvesting and storage” of rice production. Throughout the entire process, the economic and environmental benefits will be significant after project application. 

2. Go green!

Zoomlion won three more provincial green manufacturing honors

Recently, the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the public list of Hunan Provincial Green Manufacturing System Demonstration Units in 2023. Among them, Zoomlion Earthmoving Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hunan Teli Hydraulic Co., Ltd., both subsidiaries of Zoomlion, were selected into the list of green factories, and Yuanjiang Branch of Zoomlion Co., Ltd. was selected into the list of green supply chain management enterprises. At present, many smart factories and industrial parks owned by Zoomlion have won various honors and become the benchmark for green development in the industry. 

3. Welcome to the “South”! 

Zoomlion helps build China’s fifth Antarctic scientific research station 

The construction work of my country’s fifth Antarctic research station, the Ross Sea New Station, is in full swing. At present, multiple telescopic arm crawler cranes from Zoomlion have arrived at the construction site on Enkesburg Island on the west coast of the Ross Sea and are being used to unload materials. etc., and simultaneously participated in the steel structure construction task of the new station. From the Qinghai-Tibet and Sichuan-Tibet Plateau to the Arctic and Antarctic, Zoomlion equipment continues to conquer extreme working conditions, extend human power, and help China’s engineering construction set new benchmarks.

4. When a Zoomlion excavator met the two presidents 

Zoomlion excavators are popular abroad again! They appeared in the reports of the presidents of Kenya and Indonesia. The unforgettable aurora green has become a unique bright color in the “going overseas” of Chinese equipment. 

5. Aurora Green “turns fans” into Bangladesh!